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hi everyone! I a 4th grader and a science and maths enthusiast

Water Bottle Whirlpool

Look closely, do you see anything peculiar?
Yes, It's a whirlpool inside a Water Bottle!
How do you do it?
Well, It's simple!
Take a water bottle and fill it until 2/3 of it is filled
flip it horizontally and quickly, with force, straighten your arms and tilt your bottle vertically, you may see that there will be a whirlpool inside.
you can refer to the video I made:

Thank you🥰!!!

Layers of the Earth

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to tell you about the layers of the earth, I hope you enjoy!

     (4) (3)  (2)(1)

                                              (1):Inner Core-The Innermost part 
                                                   of the Earth's layering, The 
                                                   temperature levels at the Inner                                                                          Core comes high up to 5,700 C 
                                                    (which is 10,292 F) (more heat 
                                                     than the Sun's surface).

                                                   (2):Outer Core-Between the Inner Core
                                                     and Mantle, the Outer Core's 
                                                     temperature levels can come                                                                             up to 4,400 C to 6,100 C 
                                                      (Which is 7,952 F to 11,012 F).

                                                           (3):Mantle-closest to the Crust 
                                                           and made up of 100% Magma,
                                                            the temperature at the Mantle                                                                          comes up to 1,000 C (1,832 F ) 
                                                          near its boundary with the 
                                                           crust to 3,700 C (6,692 F).

                                                          (4):Crust-Where we keep foot 
                                                       on everyday, the Crust temperature 
                                                     levels are at a mere 14 C (which is 57.2 F).

I hope you liked it, thanks🥰!                                     
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Tokyo Paralympics Indian Medal Winners!

Hi everyone! Today I rounded up all the Tokyo Paralympics Medal Winners, I hope you like it!

Thank You🥰!!!
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